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Roofing 101: Composition Composition roofing, usually called asphalt shingles, is the most common roof used on houses. It's lowest in cost and easiest to install.

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Quarrix Double Roman composite tile provides the same beautiful look as traditional clay and concrete tiles but with the benefits of a lightweight synthetic roof tile material.

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Mediterranean Roof Tiles Inspired by the luxurious look of traditional Mediterranean tile, without the heavy weight Interlock Tile is the last roof you will ever install on your home or development. Interlock Tile is very lightweight, having a dry or wet weight of 70 Lbs. per 100 sq. ft. This is about 96%

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Synthetic slate shingles are lighter than all asphalt shingles and, at 1.25 pounds per tile, are only a quarter the weight of authentic slate shingles. Their light weight also means that a standard roof structure can support synthetic slate shingles with no special reinforcement, making them practical for mainstream residential construction.

Synthetic Mission Roof FIELD Tiles, CANYON EARTH color (1)

Synthetic Mission Roof FIELD Tiles, DESERT RED (terra cotta) (1) TILE-2001-FC Quarrix Composite Mission / Spanish Roofing FIELD Tiles (Double Roman), DESERT RED (terra cotta) Color.

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Beautiful, Durable Composite Roofing Tiles for the Discerning Homeowner Inspired by the natural beauty of cedar shake roofs and slate roof shingles, DaVinci composite roofing tiles enhance the appearance of any property.

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Real slate tiles are an elegant roofing material and can last several lifetimes — sometimes more than 150 years. But real stone is heavy, expensive, and becoming so rare that it’s hard to find a craftsman to install it.

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The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) measures the “coolness” of a roof by determining a roof’s solar reflectance (SR) and thermal emittance (TE). Both properties are rated on a scale from 0 to 1, where 1 is the most reflective or emissive.

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McElroy Metal's Met-Tile roofing panel provides the appearance of ceramic tile roofing with all the advantages and performance of metal. Met-Tile is lightweight, energy efficient and aesthetically attractive.

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Faux Cedar Shake Tile. Manufactured by DaVinci Roofscapes, amaZulu's Faux Cedar Shake is a multi-width, composite cedar shake roofing material reminiscent of natural cedar shake, with a deep-grained surface that reflects the natural textures and the look of premium shake.

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Inspire Roofing Products manufactures realistic, synthetic slate roofing and shake roof products. ... Inspire Roofing tiles molds are an exact replica of quality natural roofing slates. Stone clevage and unique edges are replicated exactly under intense pressure when manufacturing our durable roofing slates and shingles. ... Inspire composite ...

DECRA TILE: The Look of Clay Tile with the Strength of Steel

(Corona, CA) - DECRA Roofing Systems, Inc., the manufacturer of DECRA Roofing Systems, offers DECRA Tile. With a long-standing reputation for performance, longevity, versatility and beauty, DECRA Tile offers a lightweight alternative to traditional tile products.

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Brava Roof Tile manufactures the best synthetic slate, cedar shake, & Spanish roofing tiles with a 50-year warranty. See why composite roof tile is better! Brava Roof Tile manufactures the best synthetic slate, cedar shake, & Spanish roofing tiles with a 50-year warranty. See why composite roof tile is better!

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First, Titan Roof Systems offers the only tested and tried composite Spanish profile tile on the market. In addition, Titan’s multi-coloring offerings are unrivaled in the composite roofing industry, and all of Titan’s products are Class 4 impact rated- the highest in the industry.

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Disadvantages of Synthetic Slate Shingle Roofing The installation requirements of synthetic slate are not as challenging as real slate, but they can still spell difficulty. The biggest drawbacks lie in the nature of the faux-slate surface in the case of laminated asphalt shingles and in the nature of the cores of composite shingles.

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Faux slate roofing offers the best attempt at a real slate roof while striving to offset some of real slate's disadvantages. Just like with other faux products, synthetic slate roofing's success in achieving the goal of looking like a slate roof is really in the eye of the beholder.