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How Much Does it Cost to Have My Wood Fence Painted?

How Much Does Painting a Wood Fence Cost? Pricing varies based on the size of the fence, whether you choose paint or stain, and labor costs in your particular area. Painting a fence costs less than staining it does. The average rate to paint both sides of a 50' fence ranges between $250 and $300, depending on the fence height.

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How much does installing a vinyl fence cost? Vinyl fences on average cost between $20 and $35 per linear foot . Though pricier than a wood or chain-link fence, vinyl fences are growing in popularity.

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The average range for this project is between $1,691 and $3,982, but it can cost as little as $900 or as much as $5,950 depending on the fence s length and structure. Installing a wooden fence is a big project.

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Although the final fence is actually lower, the cost of the additional labor drives the price up by $1. 6-foot cedar fence: $18$19 . 8-foot pressure-treated board-on-board pine fence: $21. Wood gates. The more gates installed in a fence, the higher the total cost will be.

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4′ Wood Picket Fence Cost Wood picket fences are another affordable option, with prices ranging from $5-$15 per foot on average. Pressure treated and cedar are the most common choices for a wood fence, and both can be left natural or stained/painted to nearly any color.