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Balusters are the narrow rods or spindles that provide vertical support for the stair railing. They also act as a protective guard that prevents children from falling through the gap between the treads and the handrail.

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Standard deck railing tends to be the most commonly used type of railing and these are usually selected because they are inexpensive and simple to install. These railings are usually made from the wood of either the pine or the poplar tree and can complement wooden decking particularly well.

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The cost difference when made in Cedar is usually minimal: generally, custom porch spindles / balusters cost only about 15% more each than one of our standard design spindles of the same size. We run high volume equipment that efficiently produces large quantities, but takes some time and money to setup.

What is the difference between balusters and balustrades?

They are the same thing . ..the railing at the top of a stair rail . .the individual posts are rails or balusters . .the TOP part is the banister or baluster. ... This same method can be used for ...

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As nouns the difference between baluster and spindle is that baluster is (architecture) a short column used in a group to support a rail, as commonly found on the side of a stairway; a banister while spindle is...

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The balustrade consists of several balusters spaced evenly and connected together to form a decorative railing supported by baluster posts. In other words, a baluster is a single post, balusters are several of those posts, and a balustrade is all of those posts joined together as a unit.

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For example, if you are looking for advice on working with our spindles, click here. If you can't find the help you are looking for in our "How To" section please feel free to call us on (717) 692-5835.

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One of the most common questions we receive about our products is “What is the difference between Hollow and Solid balusters.” This answer could vary depending on which vendor you purchase your products from.

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Modular railing systems look great with any style of home and are easy to install. When I worked in a welding shop, one of our best clients was a local builder who specialized in large homes built to custom-designed plans commissioned by wealthy customers.

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Balusters are slender vertical pieces of wood or wrought iron that are attached to the handrail throughout the length of the rail preventing people from falling through the area between the treads and the handrail.

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Wood: With wood railing spindles, the design can be somewhat limited–depending on if you want to use a spindle post that is custom made or manufactured (design selection is impacted by cost). The most common wood stair spindles come in round or square–with the round spindles you can get these with turns, etc.

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Stair Baluster Inspections, Defects, & Codes Stair, railing, guardrail, landing, tread, and step specifications & codes Stair & railing safety hazards, photos of defects Safe spacing between stair railing or guardrailing balusters or vertical supports Safe spacing distance between railing bottom and top of floor surface Sketches of stair baluster design requirements Questions & answers about ...

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What’s the difference between the 4-piece, 3-piece, and 2-piece rail systems? 4-piece System includes, from top to bottom: Top Rail, Subrail, Bottom Rail, and Skirt. Adds 10″ of height with a 3″ toe space.

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What is a baluster? As you begin the process of building your own rail, you’ll need to know the various components of a railing system: the posts, the shims, the spindles, the balusters, etc.